The Transformation of the Hungarian Legal System 2010-2013

The Transformation of the Hungarian Legal System 2010-2013


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Kiadás dátuma: 2013

Szerkesztő(k): Péter Smuk

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This book is intended to provide a comprehensive overview, both for theoreticians and for practitioners, of the transformation of the Hungarian legal system which has been carried out since 2010. Our legal scholar authors analyse the new Fundamental Law, the reforms of the most important codes and significant legal institutions of the main branches of law.

The scope of these studies is astoundingly large. Starting with the new constitution, and continuing through the transformation of the system of administration, Parliament has also adopted legislation on a wide range of fundamental rights, along with the legal status and competence rules of most of the state organs; affecting the complex relationship of international law, the law of the European Union and domestic law as well. Hungary has a new constitution; new electoral system; new Civil, Criminal and Labour Codes.

Our jurisprudential analysis extends to those professional debates that took place around the legislation, noting also that the reforms of the State have enjoyed the special attention of the European Union, Council of Europe and, generally, international public opinion. Hopefully our book will contribute to the better understanding of the Hungarian legal system. It may serve elevated levels of professional and public debates that interested persons have access to information based on jurisprudential analysis.

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